Gangstar Vegas Android APK – Download

Gangster games have been one of the most popular gaming genres after the release of games like GTA. The gaming trend has now transferred from computers and laptops to mobile phones, more specifically smartphones. Smartphone gaming is a thing now because phone have processors and screen resolutions that can match up to computers nowadays. Gameloft is a big name in the gaming industry and it has succeeded in maintaining its position at the top because it has adapted to life on Android. It has released several games on Android that are based on the Gangster theme but one of the most popular versions of all of them is Gangstar Vegas that was released in 2013.

Gangstar Vegas APK

Gangstar Vegas features and gameplay:

  • This game is very highly ratedÃ¥ on the Google Play Store and all other official app stores that it has been released in. It has also gathered top points in every review possible. The game is based in casino town Las Vegas and many gamers, as well as, reviewers have likened the gameplay to Grand Theft Auto.
  • The story in this game is a significant part of why the game is popular. Jason Malone, a boxer, and you fix a match with a mobster but everything goes wrong when you win the match accidently by knocking the other person out cold when it was not anticipated to happen. The result is that you are hunted by the mobster and his thugs and what you have to do is engage in fights with them in order to kill them and sometimes even run away.
  • Like Grand Theft Auto, you can choose to be in a car or free drive on a motorcycle. The graphical detailing is excellent and you will find yourself tripping on the beautiful sunsets and sunrises as also on the beautiful roads around town. There are numerous story missions which you can undertake in order to win points and rewards and the only problem or glitch that appears is the sudden popping up of people or obstacles in front of you while you are driving.
  • If you are dead, the game is not over and you can hope to be brought back to life only by paying a few hospital bills which is the major factor in retaining users. You also gather a lot of heat when you start doing illegal activities but the police will not necessarily arrest you. You will get a good smashing if you are caught and you always have the chance to flee. There are plenty of modes of transport that you can use from cars to motorcycles and even planes and jets and boats.
  • You can also earn money by completing story missions or by taking part in car races, bank robberies, casino games, or even killing people. If you like the Grand Theft Auto style of play then there is no doubt that you will love this Android game and to have it on your phone is a huge bonus because you can play it at any time and even while you are on the go.

How to get Gangstar Vegas on your Android device?