Key Root Master to Root any Android Phone – It’s free

There are many rooting apps that are available currently but every one of them run the risk of being a potential threat by bricking the phone. The Key Root Master is only one app that I have tried and felt that is completely safe to use if you are thinking about rooting your phone. Rooting has been around for quite some time now but it has developed in the aspect that what has been a complicated process all these years has evolved into a one click solution. Rooting completely opens up the potential of the phone in all aspects from performance to looks. We will talk about the advantages of rooting at the end of this post but before that, I will enlist the way in which you can root your phone using the Key Root Master.

How to root your phone using the Key Root Master?

  • The first thing that you have to do is obviously download the application and if you do not want to wander around the Internet, it is best if you click on this direct link to begin the download immediately.
  • Once the download is completed you can open the application after installing it.
  • Launch the application and click on the start root option.
  • The application will then show your phone model and operating system number and will ask whether you want to go ahead with the process. Click on ok.
  • You will get a success message is the rooting is completed successfully and after that, you can reboot your phone and start getting the benefits of rooting your device.

key root master for android


What are the benefits of rooting your phone?

  • The only problem that uses anticipate will happen while rooting a device is that it might get bricked and the warranty will become void after that because phone manufacturing companies do not like users to tamper with their operating systems and devices at the primitive level.
  • If the process is undertaken carefully and with an application like the Key Root Master, then this predicament can be avoided most of the time.
  • Rooting will unlock your phone’s performance to the hilt and if your phone has 4 GB RAM and still behaves like it has 2 GB that problem will be gone forever as your phone will be running at high speeds and there will be no lags.
  • You can also install any app that you like, even if it is outside the Google Play Store, and also custom ROMs and skins to make your phone look good.
  • The biggest advantage that rooting a phone brings with it is the fact that you can remove the bloatware on your phone. You will find that there are a lot of pre-installed applications and games on your Android smartphone which you have never and might not in the future use. So, it is natural that you will try to remove them but you will find that it is a system application and you can’t, but once you have rooted the phone you can easily uninstall them.
  • You can also stay up to date by installing the latest Android operating system version without any problem.