How to Fix HP Notebook battery not Charging or Not Working?

It may happen at times when your HP Notebook battery is unable to power the notebook or is unable to charge properly. In that case, you should check if the battery needs to be replaced.

You will find a battery indicator near the power button. If that glows, you will know there is a battery problem. The device may work properly when you connect it to the power adaptor but not while using battery power.

You should also remember that with time the capacity of the battery also decreases. So, if your device is way too old, you should consider getting a new device or a new battery. But, first, try to troubleshoot the battery problem.

Solve the battery issue on HP Notebook

Insert the AC Adapter into a proper wall outlet and not in a secondary power source. Now, you have to make sure that the notebook receives power from the right power source. How?

Check the Power Source:

  • Remove the AC power cable from your Notebook. Finally remove the battery too. Now, insert the adapter and switch your notebook on.  If the notebook turns on without any problem, that means your battery is at fault.
  • Do not forget to check all power connections. Just make sure that connections are safe and secure. The removable cords must also be secure.
  • Make sure that the battery indicator is turned on when you switch on your PC.
  • Check the entire length of the cable. Make sure that there are no breaks or kins. Broken connections can also cause the error in the power supply of your Notebook.

Use  HP notebook Compatible AC Adapter:

If you use incorrect AC adapter, that may lead to this kind of problem. So, we would suggest you all use the adapter that comes with your PC.

When you decide to buy a new adapter, just make sure that you check the model of your PC and then buy the adapter accordingly. You may also get in touch with the customer support of HP for better information.

Other Possible Solution:

  • You can also remove the battery and check the faults in the system.
  • Remove the notebook battery and check the contact points. This is done to make sure that the points are not damaged.
  • Remove all USB devices from the notebook.
  • Then, unplug the AC Cable.
  • Now, insert the battery and plug the AC Power cable. Let the battery charge for around 15 minutes.

Buy best laptop charger in dubaiAfter that, just unplug the adapter cord and switch on the device. If the PC works just fine with the battery, then your battery is fine too but if the problem persists, you may have to buy a new battery for your model.

Problems may arise because of the battery issue or due to the charger. So, it is always recommended to use the proper charger for your model. This also ensures the longer lifespan of your model and charger too.

Hopefully, we were able to solve out your problem. If you think we missed something then please tell us in the comment section.

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